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Quản lý thiết bị ngoài trời - YardID

Construction companies utilize local storage yards to store all types of assets typically found on construction sites such as materials, equipment and tools required for construction projects or repair. These storage yards may extend for several acres. These yards are also open areas and hence are exposed to environmental conditions. The assets could be buried under a pile of snow or covered by dirt.


Real-time visibility and inventory accuracy is very essential for the construction companies to know what they have and where they are.  Significant savings result when the right asset is available when it is absolutely needed; eliminating project delays, pote...

SplendID Technology addresses this challenge with radio frequency identification (RFID) and Global Positioning System (GPS) -based technologies. SplendID Technology Construction Yard Asset Management and Tracking Solution utilizes multiple tagging technologies for tracking the assets. Assets are first tagged with passive tags or active tags. The system then uses a network of location based RFID fixed readers or mobile RFID handheld readers to track the RFID tagged assets. The RFID technology is used as the link between physical assets and the management system to track the daily movement of the asset so that the management system data is always current and accurate.


Inventory counts are no longer dependent on physically having a person locate the asset first and then lining up the asset’s barcode with a barcode reader. Moving an asset through a reader’s read zone or the vicinity of a handheld will automatically update the system.


With the SplendID Technology Construction Yard Asset Management and Tracking Solution assets can quickly and accurately be checked in and checked out.  Reader and antenna placement can provide complete coverage of a yard’s exit and entry points so the assets and users can be tracked continuously. 


Construction Asset Management (CAM) Solutions

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