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INfinity™ 510 UHF Reader
INfinity™ 510 UHF Reader INfinity™ 510 UHF Reader
INfinity™ 510 UHF Reader
IDentity™ 4100 UHF Reader  IF2 Network Reader IDentity™ 4100 UHF Reader

The Sirit INfinity 510 UHF reader provides maximum flexibility in configuring your item tracking applications to read large numbers of tags at distance. EPC certified reader provides unparalleled flexibility in supporting multiple tag protocols, multi-regional regulatory compliance, and programmability for a multitude of EPC applications environments.

In addition to it's superior performance, the INfinity 510 RFID reader is well-known for it's multi-protocol agility, multi-regional flexibility, and programmability. The INfinity 510 reads all EPC compliant tags, and is backed by industry certifications of interoperability and compliance with industry standards. 

Supporting the worldwide movement to Gen 2 technology, the INfinity 510 redefines the state-of the-art for RFID readers. This powerful UHF reader system is designed for enterprise class applications and features best-in-class air interface performance. In addition, the robust, software radio-based architecture provides a rich application platform that addresses the needs of today’s deployments and ensures that future features and capabilities can be added as RFID technology evolves in the future.

The INfinity 510 was designed from the ground up to support worldwide regulatory compliance from a single platform. The design provides optimal performance in North American, European and Asia- Pacific environments. The INfinity 510 offers a wide portfolio of configuration and enterprise management tools that changes the paradigm of RFID system installation and management. For the end-user who needs a quick, out-of-the box solution, the INfinity 510 provides an intuitive installation wizard allowing the user to be able to begin reading tags within minutes.

With its exceptional read rate performance and 4 main monostatic antennas, the INfinity 510 easily integrates into most supply chain and closed loop UHF installations including dock door portals and conveyor systems but can also be used for applications including forklifts, point-of-sale, access control and many others.

Frequency of Operation:   860-960 MHz
Supported Tag Protocols:   EPCglobal Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C
ISO 18000-6B
Custom NXP Commands
Regulatory Certifications:   The IN510 is operationally compatible in the following regions: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, United States in addition to other countries with firmware updates
Features:   Easy configuration
Enterprise class worldwide platform
Full Dense Reader mode compliance
Proprietary tag acquisition algorithm
Supported by wide variety of middleware products

Ability to configure from both a high level and low level
Robust tools
     Configuration Wizard
     Advanced Diagnostics
     Web-based GUI
     Remote management tool
     Rapid API