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IDentity™ 4100 UHF Reader
IDentity™ 4100 UHF Reader

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The Sirit IDentity 4100 is designed for use in Supply Chain Logistics and Vehicle Parking and Access Control applications. It was designed to withstand harsh environments associated with outdoor and warehouse use.

The IDentity 4100 consists of a weather resistant enclosure containing both the RFID reader and circularly polarized antenna. The IDentity 4100 has an external antenna port that can be used to add one additional read point. The weather resistant enclosure and circularly polarized antenna have been designed to survive the most demanding weather, temperatures and humidity requirements while delivering optimal performance in North America and all FCC regulatory markets.

The IDentity 4100 can serve a wide variety of applications. Use-cases range from Supply Chain Logistics (SCL) including portals, and asset tracking to Parking and Access Control (PACS) applications.

Frequency of Operation:   902-928 MHz
Supported Protocols:   EPC Gen 2, ISO18000-6C protocols.
Additional protocols may be supported
through license upgrades
Regulatory:   FCC Part 15 compliant
Operating Modes:   Single Read Point Mode
Dual Read Point Mode (with external antenna)